Using Self-Awareness To Initiate Change From The Inside Out

There is a profound recognition in our collective awareness that something has to change, we have to change, to come back into right relationship with ourselves, with the earth, and with life. We long to get in touch with the part of ourselves that finds joy in the fact that we are alive! How to be attentive to this call within us to reclaim our wholeness and return to life? Listen with the heart to the messages from the body and the psyche. Recognize and get into relationship with our needs, feelings, and what is going on inside us that is calling for attention.

The answers we seek often lie within; the symptoms, problems, and dissatisfaction we experience hold a promise for deeper engagement with life when we come into relationship with them and understand their meaning for us.

Grounded in 30 years as a practitioner of East Asian medicine, somatic therapy, and meditation, Mary guides you in cultivating self-awareness, transforming habitual behaviors, and reclaiming your inner knowing and connection to the natural world.

Working together, we will use dreams and information from bodily symptoms, moods and occurrences in daily life, to gather information that guides us on the path of your unfolding.

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