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To my health care colleagues,
I have over 30 years of experience as a clinician and educator in the acupuncture profession. In my busy clinic, I often did not have adequate time to guide my patients on the importance of lifestyle. So I began making hand-outs on diet, stress, the oneness of mind and body, meditation, and other topics to address their key clinical concerns. I found that with this information, patients made more conscious lifestyle choices, became more engaged in their own healing process, and made our work together more effective and much more enjoyable.

I wrote this book to empower the individual, and also for the practitioner to use as a clinical tool. I want to support practitioners to become more patient education centered. I know from experience that when we engage deeply with our patients and motivate them to help themselves, they will come back to us throughout their lives, leading to their long-term health and to that of our clinical practice.

Education takes time, which most patients and practitioners do not have. This is where the book comes in: It is an effective tool for you to use in an interactive way with your patients. It provides practical, proven guidelines to achieving better health and a deeper sense of one’s own well-being.

I have written
Rhythms of Change to be relevant to patients not only in an acupuncture practice, but in all types of healthcare settings. My sincere wish is that it be useful to you and your patient community.

In good health,

Mary Saunders, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.
Hidden Needle Press

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Rhythms of Change takes your patients on a journey that reveals the ancient wisdom of Oriental medicine, using language that makes this knowledge accessible to everyone. Mary Saunders draws from her 30 years of clinical practice to explain the Five Phases and provide practical, proven guidelines to achieving better health and a deeper sense of well-being.

  • Discusses the characteristics, issues, and wisdom underlying each of the Five Phases
  • Presents the material in contemporary psychological and medical language
  • Provides guidelines for incorporating sound nutrition, exercise, and other healthy lifestyle changes
  • Includes self-assessment questions to evaluate the continuum of balance and imbalance
  • Detailed protocols, combining both Oriental and Western medical perspectives
  • Great for patient education in any healthcare setting

Thank you for writing Rhythms of Change! Patients love reading the copy in our waiting room and often buy a copy of their own. Yesterday one of my patients was very excited to read a passage she felt really applied to her and she was deeply touched by one of your Rumi quotes. This brief encounter with the wisdom in your book set a strong connection for our treatment time together. We have started giving your book to new patients at the end of a first appointment. The patients are very happy to receive the gift when they leave and come back with a lot of thoughtful questions. I think this is a great way for practitioners to educate patients and build their practice at the same time.
John Nieters, DAOM, L.Ac

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