Rhythms of Change - The Book
A Publication by Mary Saunders on Reclaiming Your Health
Using Ancient Wisdom and Your Own Common Sense

Rhythms of Change uses modern psychological language to take you on a journey that reveals the ancient wisdom of the East and applies it to the challenges of daily life. The book discusses the Five Phases of Change as metaphors for elemental energies in nature and within our bodies and psyches.

Practical guidelines and self-assessment tools for achieving better health and a deeper sense of well-being are included. Rhythms of Change gives proven protocols for addressing the physical and psychological issues typical of imbalance. Stress, blood sugar imbalances, hormonal regulation, restful sleep, adrenal fatigue, lowered immunity are discussed.

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Here is good, nourishing food for life’s journey. Grounded in many years of practice, Mary offers useful tools to help us live in balance with our true nature, to bring our body and soul back into harmony. Simple and most valuable, these are guidelines for real health.
Sufi teacher and author

Rhythms of Change provides a new perspective on how to make simple yet profound changes to live with more awareness and satisfaction. Easy to understand and implement. A definite read!
Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer
Whole Foods Market

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