Reclaiming The Wisdom Of The Feminine

Spaciousness. Inside and out,
Feeling, reflecting, looking within to our own wisdom,
Direct experience of the present moment,
Sitting with our anger and sadness and joy,
Nothing to avoid or change, simply being with whatever arises,
Listening to the wisdom of the body and the heart in union with the mind, and
Being together with other women in this space is what supports us in reclaiming the feminine.

space 2
Photo of seminar, Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, 2016

Two days of focused practice and training, designed to give you a direct experience of the Rhythms of Change and to uncover the ancient wisdom within the cycles of nature and within our own bodies and psyches. By listening to the wisdom of the body and heart, in union with the mind, we forge a deeper relationship with the elemental energies of the Five Phases – earth, wood, fire, metal and water – and discover myriad possibilities for individual and collective healing. We integrate whole foods, authentic movement, play, mindful breathing, journaling, and rest as a way to cultivate the inherent wisdom within each of us. Collectively we practice the larger work of honoring the feminine values of relationship, receptivity, listening, inclusion, and being, creating a space for us to experience our wholeness.

We begin the retreat with the screening of As She Is, a film by Megan McFeely, and then spend two full days together of practice and training of being in relationship with the feminine principle. This retreat gives us the spaciousness to have direct experience of what is going on inside, feel the power of our being, and reclaim what has been silenced or neglected within ourselves. This seminar is ideal for women who are called to use their wisdom and gifts to create a meaningful life, impact their clients and communities, and step into the leadership role that is so needed.

With 30 years of experience in Eastern Medicine, Mary Saunders is a Practitioner, Educator, and Mentor who speaks from a place of direct experience. She is skilled in the integration of this ancient wisdom with psychology and spiritual practice to support her clients in accessing their own inner knowing and wholeness. Mary is author of Rhythms of Change: Reclaiming Your Health Using Ancient Wisdom and Your Own Common Sense.

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Previous Seminars

Toronto, Ontario September 23-25, 2016
Hosted by WELead at the Institute of Traditional Medicine: 553 Queen St. West
Toronto, ON. Canada

Roanoke area, Virginia September 30 - October 2, 2016
Hosted by Blue Ridge Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine,
Troutville, Virginia